RallyDev rule based reminder for team

If your project is rally based and your team constantly needs reminder to put information for defects they have fixed, you can use this tool.
Tool goes through your rally defects and check each defect against configured set of rules. If it falls under one or more case it will send notification to project team and owner of the defect to fix those issues in Rally.
You can define as many custom rules you want for as many rally defect fields. There is no limitation for rule condition size as well.

For example:

If defect state is fixed made and resolution description is not filled by developer of that work, he will get this in notification as a reminder.

DEFECT_STATE == FixMade AND (RESOLUTION == BLANK OR RESOLUTION_DESCRIPTION == BLANK), Resolution should not be blank when state is fix made 
DEFECT_STATE == FixMade AND FIXED_IN_BUILD == BLANK,Found In Build should not be blank when state is fix made

For more you can download opensource tool from below github.