Magicjack 42 connection error

When you connect your magicjack with your router, you may face this problem where it says connection 42 error when you try to make a call.

You need to setup port forwarding for your magicjack with your router so that connection can be established outside.

What details do you need?
– External Static IP
– MAC address of magicjack device
– Router configuration access(credentials)

Please note this is vary depends on your router. I use Motorola.

1> Assign your magicjack with unique IP within your home/business network. You can do that with your DHCP router configuration. In my case it like below.


2> Once your magicjack is assigned with unique internal static IP, you will require to setup port forwarding with your outside static IP as given below for two ports 5060 and 5070.