No Bluff Just Stuff – Role Of A Software Architect

Had an opportunity to under go in a three days technical sessions at NFJS. Initially it was mix feeling about sessions and speakers but when it was started I was kind of stuck with most sessions of three speakers. Neal, Kirk and Mark. I wish i could clone myself and attend other sessions too.  Mostly it was Mark who helped to understand what an architect should be  and architect’s do’s and don’ts. I am pointing out some very brief of one of the sessions from Mark.

An architect must have knowledge of all current trends of technology, industry and market of the company for which he is going to design system.

He should ensure that architecture design is followed by doing regular compliance check meeting.

He should have very good interpersonal skill. He should easily and without any resistance convey his things to other developers and product owner.

He should know 3 C – Communication with stakeholders, Collaboration with teams and most important Clarity on each element.

He may decide technologies to be used in any project but that is not an architectural decision.

He should have breadth of technology, its OK if he is not expert(depth of technology). One can become good architect if he has good brief knowledge of variety of technologies.

No RDD(Resume Driven Design)

He should not try to design solution of all the problems. Doing that will lead to failures mostly.

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