SCUBA diving in india

I was on work trip in UK where I met with one of my friends (Bijal Bhatt). He came up with a proposal of going for Sky Diving near Huntingdon. I decided to join him, but could not make it as it was pretty far from where I was staying.

That regret of not doing Sky diving landed me to do something else after returning to India. Planning started with an inquiry to a top SCUBA training school in India, in Jan 2012.

I and a bunch of crazy adventurer lovers (Akash, AshishDipesh and Pratik) decided to take up SSI certificate course with Barracuda. We booked the tickets and resort, and planned the trip.

It was a totally different experience and for the first time in a my life I inhaled air into my lungs under water. We crawled at the bottom of the sea for 4 times in 2 days; and dived 4 to 12 meters deep in the ocean. It was really fascinating to see some marine creatures (the most scary of the lot was Electric Eel) and plants. It was hard to identify each one of them but Venkat and the team did really good job educating us about them.

All diving sites were around the Grand Island. I remember two of them, Suzie’s Wreck and Bounty Bay.

It was not only pure fun, but also some sweat to earn that badge. To get that certificate there was criteria set as a part of clearance process. One has to swim (no snorkel or any support) 200 meters in the open sea (in my case it was from island shore to sea and back) and 10 minute cycling (using legs and without any hand movement) in water. Tough, especially when you have not tasted chlorinated water of pool since for many years. Well, but somehow I survived.

I thought it is all over and now I will get certificate to dive alone, but wait, that was not end of the story. We came to know that there will be objective exam after returning back to the base. That was also cleared; after all I wanted to do something which is was not a child’s play. And here it is…

SSI C-Card